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Friday, I’m in Love | On The Road by Oamul.

Oamul is a talented illustrator and animator based in China, who brings his drawings to life in the form of these incredibly charming GIFs. Oamul uses this form of art to share his experiences and his everyday with the world, including scenes from some of his favourite movies. I’m a big fan of The Grand Budapest Hotel as well, so I was immediate attracted to Mendl’s pink truck bobbing along, haha!

Most of the GIFs above are from the series - On The Road. Of particular interest is the illustration of a real-life bookmobile run by retired Italian school teacher, who drives 700 books around villages to spread the love of reading and books to children. Aww..

If you love these GIFs as much as I do, be sure to follow Oamul on Tumblr to be the first to view his latest GIFs!



21/8/14 - Cara Delevingne at Finale Nightclub in Soho.


21/8/14 - Cara Delevingne out in Soho with Zoe Kravitz.

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Dex pretending to swim

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